We are pleased to announce the new members of the ISPA EC. Terms will begin in July at annual conference. Elections were held in January of this year for three offices: President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary. The new officers and their terms follow. The results are detailed below. Congratulations to the new officers and gratitude to all candidates for agreeing to serve and to members who cast their votes.


Véronique Le Mézec, France,

2021-2023 (President-elect), 2023-2025 (President), 2025-2027 (Past President)

Michael Sheehan, Ireland, 2021-2024

Odeth Bloemberg, Netherlands, 2021-2024




Election results


Véronique Le Mézec              53.73% (72 votes)

Sally Bass                               46.27% (62 votes)



Suzette Goguen                      17.16% (23 votes)

Tracy Hobbs                           17.91% (24 votes)

Hong Ni                                 17.16% (23 votes)

Michael Sheehan                    47.76% (64 votes)



Odeth Bloemberg                   100% (134 votes)




Respectfully submitted

Bonnie K Nastasi, PhD, Past-President