It is that time of the year when ISPA members* have an opportunity to elect new members of the ISPA Executive Committee. This year the offices open for election are: ISPA President-Elect, ISPA Treasurer and ISPA Secretary. From December 28th 2020 to January 15th 2021, members will have the opportunity to select officers for ISPA.

We are delighted to share that there are multiple candidates who have expressed their enthusiasm and willingness to contribute leadership to the future of ISPA.

The individual elected as ISPA President-Elect will serve as ISPA President-Elect for 2 years, then as ISPA President for 2 years, then as ISPA Past-President for 2 years; therefore, this is a 6 year commitment to ISPA leadership. ISPA Treasurer and Secretary serve 3 years, with possibility of re-election to 6 years. Terms for new officers begin in July 2021 at the annual conference.

These contributions are incredibly important to the future vitality of ISPA and we are grateful that there are so many ISPA members who have expressed their commitment to contribute and provided a statement of their interest and a brief bio for consideration by all. We encourage our members to take the time to review the candidate statements and bios.

ISPA members will be able to submit their vote through the link that will be sent to them via email by Central Office. Best wishes to each of the candidates. We are grateful for your enthusiasm to contribute further to ISPA leadership.

Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2021!

* ISPA associates and student members are not eligible to vote or hold office.