The International School Psychology Association (ISPA)
Global Networking Forum – Weekend Webinar Series
Series 1: The Impact of Covid-19 on School Psychology Around the World

Connecting school and educational psychologists around the world via a series of free 2-hour Sunday afternoon expert webinars and discussions via zoom. Webinar host countries include the Netherlands, India, USA, Taiwan and Australia.

The ISPA Global Networking Forum is a collaboration between ISPA, Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) and St. John’s University (New York, USA) and provides an opportunity for school psychologists around the world to connect with one another and discuss current practices, challenges and opportunities in school psychology. The purposes are to:

1. Network a global community of school and educational psychologists
2. Provide professional development for a global community of school and educational psychologists
3. Support the educational wellbeing of all children and adolescents around the world ISPA represents school psychologists from 42 countries.

The ISPA weekend webinars are designed to unite our international school psychologist colleagues. Webinars will go for 2-hours and will occur on the last Sunday of the month and each webinar will occur at approximately 5pm in a host country’s time zone. This gives school psychologists from around the world at least one opportunity to attend at a reasonable hour.

The webinars are free and will be held via Zoom. You do not need to be an ISPA member to participate, although ISPA membership is encouraged. ISPA members will receive a Certificate of Attendance contributing to their professional development credentials. For those who wish to have a Certificate with Continuing Education credits, a quiz will be supplied.

School psychologists and school counsellors from around the world are invited. Please register using a school/education/university email address. Personal email addresses (gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc) will not be accepted. This is to ensure the professional quality of the webinars.

Webinars will usually follow the following format: A short introduction and description of school psychology in the host country; a one-hour presentation; and 30-40 minutes of discussion and networking.

To be included on the mailing list for webinar registration please provide your contact details via the form: ISPA Global Networking Forum Mailing List.

ISPA Global Networking Forum Mailing List The webinars will occur on the following dates at approximately 5pm in the host country:

Sunday 25th October 2020:

Host country: The Netherlands
Topic: Crisis intervention in the schools
Presenter: Dr Olanda Momcilovic School Psychologist
Facilitator: Professor Bill Pfohl

Sunday 29th November 2020
Host country: United States of America
Topic: International issues and cognitive assessment
Presenter: Professor Dawn Flannigan St John’s University New York
Facilitator: Professor Mark Terjesen
Sunday 28th February 2021
Host country: Australia Topic: Supporting teachers during Covid-19
Presenter: Dr Kristina Turner Department of Education, Swinburne University of Technology
Facilitator: Associate Professor Monica Thielking
Sunday 28th March 2021
Host country: India
Topic: School psychologist self-care
Presenter: Associate Professor Panch Ramalingen Human Resource Developmental Centre, Pondicherry University
Facilitator: Professor Bill Pfohl
Sunday 25th April 2021
Host country: Taiwan
Topic: TBA
Presenter: Professor Kevin Hsu Professor and Head of Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, Tsinghua University
Facilitator: Associate Professor Monica Thielking
The ISPA Global Networking Forum is led by Associate Professor Monica Thielking (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia); Professor Bill Pfohl (Western Kentucky University); and Professor Mark Terjesen (St John’s University, New York). For more information please contact Professor Bill Pfohl at

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A collaboration between ISPA, Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) and St John’s University (New York, USA)
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