ISPA will be electing a new Secretary and Treasurer for 2018-2021:

ISPA will hold two elections in 2018. The Treasurer and Secretary positions will be open, as both current office holders have served their maximum terms. Each office serves on the ISPA Executive Committee (EC) for three-year terms. They can run for re-election one time. They will join the President-Elect, President, and Past President on the Executive Committee. The terms of the new Treasurer and Secretary will run from July 2018 to July 2021. All meetings as well as written and verbal communications are in English.

The elected officers will meet yearly for an Executive Committee meeting at the annual Conference. Their expenses to travel to the conference are covered by ISPA. These meetings are consistently held in the month of July. There will be an expectation of regular e-mail interaction, participation in Skype calls that are arranged by the President, and other matters that arise.

The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining regular communication with the Central Office and EC, making a yearly budget, assisting with an ISPA financial audit, and assisting with financial matters of ISPA.

The Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes of all Executive Committee and General Assembly meetings, as well as writing articles of ISPA business for the World Go Round. This person will assist the Central Office in posting materials on the website and seeing to the website updates. The Secretary will be responsible for keeping a calendar for ISPA business. He or she will also assist the President in developing an agenda for each meeting. The Secretary is responsible for all ISPA’s official correspondences.

The nominations for these 2 separate offices must be received before November 15th. Candidates will then be asked to complete a brief biography and statement of intent for the specific office. Any current ISPA member is eligible for office and a current member may nominate any other current member. (Please check with the person before you nominate him/her.) Self-nominations are also welcome. Statements of each candidate will be published in the World-Go-Round and posted on the ISPA website. All officers are expected to be current members of ISPA.

Please send your nomination to the ISPA Central Office at by November 15, 2017. Subject line: Election for Secretary/Treasurer. We will also then follow-up to obtain a written candidate statement for each of the nominees, as the candidate statements are included in the World-Go-Round. Electronic ballots for the Election will be sent in early February 2018, as indicated in the ISPA By-Laws.

For those seeking additional information about each of the leadership positions, a brief description is provided below.

The Secretary is responsible for recording events accurately and distributing this information. For this purpose, the Secretary shall record the official minutes of Executive Committee meetings and General Assemblies. Regarding the minutes of Executive Committee meetings, the Secretary shall send out a dated draft within one month of these recorded events to the Executive Committee and the ISPA Central Office. The aforementioned have one month to make their comments and recommendations in writing. If changes are recommended and made, a new dated version shall be distributed by the Secretary to all the above-mentioned. The final approval of the minutes is done at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The Secretary shall mail draft minutes of the General Assemblies and the approved budget within two weeks to the Chair of the General Assemblies. A cover letter shall indicate corrections, and remarks shall be returned to the Secretary within one month from its receipt.

A final (dated) version with suggested additions and corrections of the Chair of the General Assemblies shall be distributed within two weeks to the Chair of the General Assemblies, the Executive Committee members and the Central Office. The Chair of the General Assemblies formally approves the minutes of the General Assemblies and acknowledges their acceptance by her or his signature to them.

The Secretary is to prepare and submit a summary of the Executive Committee meetings and General Assemblies for publication in World Go Round.

The Secretary shall send a summary of assigned and agreed tasks to all participants of Executive Committee meetings based on the finalized minutes.

The Secretary shall write and send official correspondence as directed.

The Secretary assists the President in drafting the proposed agenda. Draft agenda are sent to all participants at least eight weeks prior to the date of the meeting. Participants have two weeks to suggest further items. The agenda are mailed four weeks prior to the date of meetings after consulting with the Central Office regarding other materials to be sent.

The Secretary is responsible for providing a timetable of meeting schedules during Executive Committee meetings.

The Central Office shall have one copy of all final and approved material for safekeeping.

The Secretary assists the President, as assigned, in organizational activities.

The Treasurer serves in a leadership role with the Executive Committee on financial matters and in developing the budget.

The Treasurer submits a proposed budget each year to the Executive Committee for discussion and its approval. Subsequently, the Treasurer shall distribute the proposed budget approved by the Executive Committee, during the first meeting of the General Assembly. The budget shall be presented for discussion, revision, and final approval at the second meeting of the General Assembly. Feedback from members will be sought.

The Treasurer is responsible for the management of all ISPA money according to established fiscal policies and procedures. This management is done in direct coordination with the ISPA Central Office.

The Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of all fiscal policies and procedures and for proposing fiscal changes.

For questions, please contact the ISPA Central Office: