The 38th General Conference of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) was held in Paris from 3 November to 18 November, 2015.

Jean-Claude Guillemard and Melaine Descamps, representatives of ISPA, attended several sessions of the conference, especially during the first week dedicated to Education. The Education Commission met each day, but the most important event took place on Wednesday November 4th when the Ministers of Education of 189 State members – each of them delivering a short speech – formally approved (by unanimous applause) the framework of action entitled Education 2030 and defined the Education policy for the following 15 years. UNESCO was renewed in its leading position to monitor and follow the implementation of this project adopted by the international community at the World Education Forum held at Incheon (South Korea) in May 2015. Click here to see the Incheon Declaration.

During the Conference, Melaine and Jean-Claude gave a presentation about the activities of ISPA and promoted the next ISPA conference in Amsterdam. ISPA flyers have been distributed to the audience. Despite the November 13th terrorist attacks on Paris, the General Conference could continue and the 70th anniversary of UNESCO (1945-2015) was celebrated on November 16th.